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though with queues at Immigration taking up to an hour during busy periods and chaos outside the airport at certain times with arrivals waiting for hotel car pickups and what not. Wild Things on the top floor has a new name and theme and now G Spot is getting the treatment. If someone wore this cap in a "civilised" society they would have been arrested or at the very least asked to leave the restaurant. That tax is more than I would pay in Thailand. I was shown this place by my buddy who worked in Samui and he told me he could pretty much eat there on a daily basis which sounded realistic to me as I probably could too. Of course, she said, because he does exactly the same work as me he works at Screwboy (a gay bar in Patpong soi 2)! As Marc used to say, this is not a place for drinking! Stumble Inn is doing a good trade and has the pick of the girls of the Soi Nana street-front bars. BJ bars are a dime a dozen now and even full service places are plentiful.

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I read your comment about Italian food. What about a boyfriend? It is many months since Lighthouse opened in the space which was Sheba's but still the main sign out front has not been completed. Those who have overstayed by more than a year must leave the country via Suwannaphum Airport in Bangkok. One cabbie said to me this week that depending on the time of day he might now refuse to take passengers to the airport as once he has dropped them off he might have to drive a considerable. Some Bangkok nightlife bloggers / webmasters have signed out with an explanation as to why they're calling it a day, usually citing time constraints or how they are pursuing other interests.

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I note that due to its popularity a 2-hour time limit has been put in place if there happen to be people waiting and reservations aren't accepted. She is extremely sweet and unusually polite (for a girl found in a bar). Not in the main bar areas for sure, but elsewhere the benefits are obvious, especially with bars feeling the heat when it comes to contributions. Seen and heard in Burger King, Nana Square, this evening (Sunday #1 Food Paranoia: You know how the guide books tell people not to eat fruit that you have not peeled, only drink bottled water etc? Do people still think Bangkok is so deep in the third world that Burger King may be unsafe? Bully's, between Sukhumvit sois 2 and 4, also has a buffet, but is a little more low-key. One states the uniform the girls are to wear from Wednesday to Saturday. It also happens to have a proper menu listing all the food (yes, they have decent food) and drinks. A fully-equipped kitchen with pots and pans where all the girls' favourite dishes can be rustled up sits just off the side of the dining room.

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Pulling back the curtain opposite the toilets I step over the many pairs of shoes strewn over the stairs and climb up in to the staff only area. I'm all for the promotion of safer bedroom activities, but why oh why do so many of those promoting it have to be fuglies 100 kg white women with facial piercings and dyed blue or some other ridiculous coloured hair? Customers enter the bar, most don't even bother with a drink. There are those who like it natural and those who like the upgraded version. Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisers responds : According to the Revenue code (Section 41 second paragraph if you are staying in Thailand for more than 180 days, you are duly expected to file the Annual Personal Income Tax. Smartphone cases are all the rage in Thailand, as much a fashion accessory as a means of protecting one's phone. The English manager who was until recently in charge has moved on and can be found at the new Irish pub in Thonglor. Some like a sort sprint, a quarter mile drag and it's all over before you know. Terms and conditions: The prizes are only available to readers in Thailand at the time of entering and are NOT transferable.

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Other reasons were cited. We count in front of everyone and then match all customer donations, transferring the funds online using PayPal with everyone watching the big screen. There are many golf courses in the UK including both private and public courses. Bangkok's Eden Club is legendary. And Beach Road will always be in gridlock at some stage of the day hardly signs of a city in freefall! In the cinema, in taxis, in restaurants and in bars any place where they will be sat down for a while Thai women love to kick off their shoes and curl their feet up underneath them. I have attached a photograph of the cap which you tissien vilautus seksitreffit pirkanmaa can clearly see bears the word C*T in large plastic letters attached to the cap. Here's a couple of patterns that I've noticed over the years that have never changed. I can't vouch for the pizza as I never had it but any pasta I tried gets my thumbs up for sure. Stop, yelled the bar boss to the taxi driver! A Bangkok bar boss grabbed a bird from a Patpong bar and was looking forward to a night of fun. You must specify which prize you would prefer and failure to specify a prize will disqualify you from being eligible to claim one. At the end of the bar perches Mickey, another friendly and affable Frenchman very much in the mould of Marc. The perennial favourite is Bourbon Street which puts on a fabulous buffet feast every year. Others prefer a leisurely drive over windy, back country roads. I have never had a better Italian meal outside Europe, maybe even outside Italy! If they did they obviously didn't care what other people thought. I have often taken advice from your column and from the readers' submissions that I have valued and now I have some advice for you. I can bring frinde any from for get drunk. An Eden Club girl uses the au naturale method of phone protection, a soft surrounding chosen over a hard case. We have printed your article with photos and it is quite novel to see people waiting to read the hard copy folder. If he did, I wonder what he'd think? Having a clear, easy-to-read menu might seem like a small thing, but with the prices charged in some bars these days it eliminates the ambiguity you get in those bars where no-one but the cashier knows the prices. Of course you could choose 2 girls, and still can in many places, but there is no guarantee they will enjoy each other as much as they enjoy you like the girls at Eden very much. With some Soi Nana beer bars selling drinks at almost the same prices as the gogo bars, the main reason to go there seems to be the view whereas in the past pricing was a big part. I want to take care of their future by building up a property rental business, buying a lot of condos. Interestingly Eden does not charge up front but you only pay after you are done and are completely satisfied with the service. Some ingredients I recognise, but the mix and the smell oh God, the smell mark them as dishes I don't know and probably won't ever sample. The campaign seemed to be working too as there were already eight rooms occupied when I got there mid-afternoon.